2022 midterm referendum on the Trump Court!


Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Thomas……..names that will live on in Infamy!

The history of the United States is at stake! Elections have consequences, they say! This was certainly the case in 2016…. when by hook or by crook…..DJ took the presidency! Donnie was not a nice person, not a great person, not even a special person. Like all old despots, he knew how to make the system work… we should give him credit for that. He knew how to use intimidation, threats, dismissive name-calling, and actual criminal intent…so he could outsmart the system and then win. After I left office…these techniques haven’t changed. DJ has found and is still looking for every sellout, lying, vulgar person he can find to support and run for office on his behalf.

We remember so many early DJ rallies where a few protesters were taken out and beaten up…with his complete agreement: “Take them here….take them back to their mommies…..and do whatever you want to do to them.
and I will pay for your legal defense! It was called: “Welcome to Trumpian politics”. Each rally had two blonde girls or women with MAGA hats and t-shirts supporting it in front of the camera. Today, it’s two or more black people with Trump shirts. Insults were in order and DJ did not hesitate to attack the disabled, women in general or small sizes! Image politics…..via the Trumpian edict! The white Christian exception, even though he never went to church. His Sunday church has always been the golf course! It could also hold any Bible upside down with no problem!

The boy knew how to make the system work and so DJ did his best for four years culminating in one last insurgent attempt to overturn the legal 2020 elections and stay in power on January 6th like any despot across the world could do it on several other continents. The Trumpian world includes those who wish to overturn women’s rights, gay rights, black and minority rights and empower a few of his pseudo-oligarch cronies in the process.

This current Trump-filled Supreme Court will make the first of so many bad appeals that are sure to follow, some of which they have already made against the rights of all Americans. Next June, their judgment will determine whether Roe v Wade and Roe v Casey will stand and/or remain key Establishment Law precedents, or will they simply be thrown out the window and placed in the dustbin of history. . This is, however, only the basic prelude for other decisions that will follow, such as those that followed German conduct in the 1930s. This 2020 midterm election could in fact determine the very fate of our country for the 100 years or more to come.

This all might sound a bit alarmist, but if we ask you to look back on the days after the Civil War and what happened when Andrew Johnson took over from Abe Lincoln……those decisions lasted over 100 years.

So, America must be educated, the American must be energized. America should not allow four hand-picked Trump loyalists to decide the fate of our country now or for the next 100 years. The fate of our Nation and our values
does not rest in their hands but in OUR hands. Simply ask anyone who may be applying for a position at any level….where they stand on Roe Vs Wade or Roe vs Casey….and then YOU make your qualified choice of available candidates!

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Thomas……..names that will live on in Infamy! If allowed to stand!

2022 midterm referendum on the Trump Court?

Time to vote your will?

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