2022 NFL Draft: Who do you take at No. 3?

Last week we ran a poll on what to do with Global Pick #3, trade it or use it to select a specific need. 47% of respondents want to trade for more picks or for a veteran starter. 48% want to keep the choice and use it either for the best player available or for a specific need.

This week, let’s assume there isn’t a worthy business partner and Houston is left with the choice. Except madness with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions picking first and second would give the Texans their pick of the litter, minus two of the best players.

Currently, there is a general consensus that these players are among the best in the current draft class:

Houston Texans selection Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE Michigan

Some are calling Hutch “JJ Watt 2.0,” and while the jury is still out on it, having a reboot of a Watt-esque player on the defensive line would be a huge step toward rebuilding Hutch’s identity. this team. Hutch even recorded earlier in the process, stating that he would like to be a Texan from Houston. We’d like that too, Hutch.

Bucky Brooks, NFL.com

Hutchinson offers A+ technical tools and skills. The 2021 Heisman Trophy finalist combines his exceptional physical gifts and refined hand-to-hand combat ability with the relentless effort that overwhelms blockers over time. He comes with a performance and production track record that makes him a top prospect with exceptional potential.

Houston Texans selection Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

While many fictional drafters are asking Houston to take a tackle, presumably to protect second-year quarterback Davis Mills, the Texans already have Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard, so if there’s a position where the 2022 Texans are solid, offensive tackle is that. So taking Neal could mean a Tunsil trade takes place before or during the draft. Getting a young tackle to make up for Tunsil’s hefty contract would certainly help the cap space. And, with Tunsil absent for most of last season, it’s not like he and Mills have cemented great chemistry yet.

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Neal will be a dominant blocking force in the NFL. He’s ultra-athletic for such a wide frame, nimble enough to handle the best passers and powerful enough to clear defenders out of the run game.

Some scoffers also have Houston taking Ickey Ekwonu, the tackle from NC statusbut for the same reasons Houston doesn’t need Neal, the team doesn’t need Ekwonu either.

Houston Texans Select Kyle Hamilton, Safety, our Lady

Hamilton could very well be the best all-around football player in the draft. While his stock took a hit at the combine, he steadily climbed the drawing boards and draft simulations throughout the offseason. The Texans must replace Justin Reid, left in free agency to join the Kansas City Chiefs. Hamilton could be the Texans’ secondary anchor for the next decade, which they badly need right now.

Daniel Jeremie, NFL.com

Hamilton has rare height (6-4), length and flow for the safety post. Against the pass, his versatility is a major asset. He has exceptional deep half instincts and his range is off the charts (see: INT vs. Florida State). He eats ground quickly with his long stride and has the athleticism and speed to mirror tight ends and wide lunges all over the court. Hamilton is an explosive blitz from the depths. He can find and play the ball with ease. Against the run, his brilliance and angles with the ball are very impressive, but he will go low and miss a few tackles. I love his competitiveness and production covering punts. Hamilton has all the tools to emerge as a Pro Bowler early in his career.

Houston Texans selection Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon

Many draft gurus compare Thibodeaux to another former Texans D-line, Jadeveon Clowney. Its potential for boom or bust will catapult a franchise forward or set it back. While he has no Clowney’s “The Hit” video cementing his way into college football lore, he’s just as explosive, powerful and dangerous as Clowney was when he first came out.


Is Kayvon Thibodeaux really falling NFL Draft boards? Or are we watching the epitome of smokescreen season? Regardless, several issues have been raised about Oregon’s defensive outlook.

As our 2022 NFL Draft Big Board’s top prospect, we don’t see them. What we see is an excellent athlete whose impressive functional length and ability to bend the edge gives Thibodeaux a distinct advantage regardless of the opponent. Plus, he’s as adept at stopping the run as he gets at quarterback.

Houston Texans’ Select Sauce Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

Gardner has seen his name soar on the draft boards since his pro day. Houston head ball coach Lovie Smith had a private meeting with Gardner and was rumored to have come away very impressed with the young ball hawk. Taking Gardner at No. 3 seems like a bit of a stretch, but if Thibodeaux and Hutch are already gone and Houston has questions about Hamilton, Gardner might make sense here. May be…

Daniel Jeremie, NFL.com

Gardner is a tall, long cornerback with elite movement skills and toughness. In media coverage, he uses his length to successfully redirect wide exits. He has abnormal fluidity for such a huge cornerback (6-foot-3, 200 pounds). He can fully open his hips to mirror and match underneath. He’s rarely out of position, but if that happens he has an incredible flurry to recover from. From off cover, he’s fluid and explodes out of his sole and drive. He has natural ball skills; he can find it and play it. His general reputation is excellent. He is very willful as a run defender and blitzer. Although he will miss the occasional tackle, aggression and envy are easy to identify. Overall, Gardner has a unique skill set for his size, and I see similarities to the four-time Pro Bowler Antonio Cromartie out of the state of Florida.

Houston Texans selection Malik Willis, QB, Liberty University

This one is a wide-ranging generic choice. However, Willis has been linked to the Texans more than once, his pro-day hype was off the hook and, let’s face it, a quarterback from the biggest Christian college in the world would suit Jack Easterby. Cultureball system.

If Houston isn’t really sold on Davis Mills and they believe a team behind them, like the New York Giants, New York Jets Where Carolina Panthers look at Willis, it wouldn’t be a surprise for this front office to pull the trigger. Chances are Willis will still be on the board when Houston’s second pick at No. 13 overall arrives (he might even still be there at Houston’s 3rd pick, No. 37 overall), but you don’t know. never what madness this team is doing. what to do next…

Some may believe that Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett is a better QB prospect, however, his scouting report sounds a lot like Davis Mills: big armed, pocket passer. Willis is more of a Deshaun Watson type, with the legs to keep plays alive and the type of playing ability to extend practices and shoot points out of thin air.


As has been reiterated throughout the offseason, the 2022 quarterback class is flawed. And Liberty caller Malik Willis is among the most flawed and polarizing of the bunch, but his combination of top-notch athleticism and throwing power is enough to sidestep accuracy and processing issues in a perspectiveless class. full quarterback.


Who do you pick #3 overall?

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    Kayvon Thibodeaux

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    Other (tell us who in the comments)

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