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Beautiful Port Macquarie by Louis Adelt Over the past eighteen and a half years I have traveled the North Coast of New South Wales and on numerous occasions visiting the ancient and historic town of Port Macquarie , I wanted to write you my impressions of the place. As I entered the city last Thursday, I was very struck by how picturesque the city and its surroundings were from the hill at the junction of Kempsey and Taree roads, and as far as the eye could reach, a series of pretty images were presented to the gaze, and far in the distance, the Pacific Ocean stretched out in a vast sheet of blue. As the eye observes the seashore scene with its many headlands, bays and coves, stretching far into the dark perspective with the many beautiful beaches, bathed in white, curly breakers, it makes me want to stay here and rest from the worries of today’s world with all its turmoil and pain. As one enters the township, familiar landmarks gain importance – the old square tower Church of England is distinguished by the two Norfolk Sentinel Pines at its entrance which stands out rise to a great height, planted many years ago, of which, they could speak, many stories of the old regime could be told. I have always considered Port Macquarie the North Coast’s choice of beauty spots, and if it were better known to the traveling public, it would be visited more often and by more people. For a vacation I couldn’t recommend a better place, as it has everything the vacationer could want – fishing, shooting, boating and sailing, not to mention the excellent beaches where one can indulge in surfing. at will. I often think it’s a real shame that this place isn’t better known to the public, and if the people of Port Macquarie woke up and stirred and realized how much their city and surrounding area would be of a rich asset to them, they advertise its many lovely places and report them to the Sydney tourist office. One day, Port Macquarie will be the center of a large fruit industry, especially for the cultivation of table grapes or for wine making. The Whims of Shire The biggest surprise to Hastings Shire taxpayers since the inauguration of local government was the appointment last week of an absolute novice to the post of engineer – a post which necessarily carries the most responsible confidence in the gift of the Council. We do not know anything about the person qualified as a private citizen, but we have not yet learned that he qualified for the duties of the office for which he was appointed. Appointing any Jack or Harry to this post (even temporarily) implies that, in the opinion of the advisers, the qualifications deemed legally necessary for a qualified civil engineer are entirely superfluous. The action of the Council exceeds the comprehension of the taxpayers and it is not only an insult to their intelligence and that of the departing Engineer, but a flagrant and shameful waste of public money.


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