Andrew Booth is a versatile man –


Andrew Booth is a versatile man

April 19, 2022

Impact Clemson CB rookie Andrew Booth.

Joe is high on the corner of Clemson Andrew Booth of the Bucs.

Joe believes that with the very real chance that this is Tom Brady’s final year, nothing should be left to chance in the fight to see it through. This means recruiting people who will have an immediate impact.

Considering the Bucs had little to no depth last year at the corner, you can’t tell Joe they couldn’t use a cornerback in the first round.

And remember, Jamel Dean and Sean Murphy-Bunting are in the final years of their contracts. You’ve probably read how former Bucs defensive tackle Booger McFarland isn’t a big fan of Dean and SMB.

Joe doesn’t see the Bucs bringing both Dean and SMB back in 2023. One, yeah. Not two. That means Booth could become a starter if he doesn’t land a job this fall.

Alec Mallon of SIS Stats Takes an analytical view of Booth and loves what the numbers tell him.

Booth projects itself as a solid starting corner at the top level with the ability to travel across the court and play both inside and outside. He fits best into a scheme where men’s coverage is heavily used and which also allows him to play at the line of scrimmage where he can let his athleticism shine. Booth fits most special teams units because of his speed and toughness, but he could really fit better as a punt gunner to help limit return opportunities.

Joe likes that while Booth’s best fit may be a human defense, he can handle complex zone defenses.

The Bucs could do much worse than draft Booth.

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