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A new episode of beyond the edge airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The episode begins with the celebrities returning to camp after the Lantern meeting. There’s an ant infestation, and Ray says it’s getting hard to sleep in the jungle. The next morning, Paulina explains how difficult the experience is. She wants to prove that a woman her age can still compete, but she predicts that she will be the last person chosen again. Later, Ray and Jodie practice. He uses a deck of cards to go through their exercise routine. He also explains to Jodie how he invented the use of a deck of cards to guide him through the exercises. The costume and the number coincide with a different type of exercise. Coincidentally, a deck of cards has 52 cards and 52 was his shirt number throughout his football career. Ray also shares with Jodie how he wanted to get stronger so he could protect his mother so no one could hit her. He gets emotional talking about his mother and how he will do anything for her.

Before the next adventure, Eboni tells Lauren that she wants to be part of her team today. Lauren has won every adventure so far, but Eboni has yet to win. Lauren promises to push for Eboni to be on her team today. Later it will be time to choose the captains. Ray and Mike volunteer to be the team captains for today’s adventure. Ray chooses Craig. Mike chooses Colton. Ray chooses Jodie. Mike chooses Lauren. Ray chooses Paulina. Paulina is happy not to be the last chosen. Eboni will be on Mike’s team by default.

Blue Team – Ray, Craig, Jodie and Paulina

Red Team – Mike, Colton, Lauren and Eboni

The next adventure begins. Both teams must carry puzzle pieces through an obstacle course. They must restart if parts fall. Once they have put their puzzle pieces on the other side, they must place them on letters spelling out Boca Del Toro. Then they must grab eighty pounds of plantains and take them 200 yards through the jungle. They will exchange them for cocoa beans which they will have to push in a wheelbarrow to a lagoon. They will then have to paddle in the lagoon and exchange the bags of cocoa beans for bags of fish. They will then have to hook fish nets to hooks to find puzzle pieces. The first team to complete their puzzle will win $40,000 to split between them. The challenge begins. Both teams struggle to carry their puzzle pieces over the obstacles. Lauren encourages her team to stay focused and her team members are impressed with her drive. The red team takes the lead as Lauren and Eboni complete the puzzle first. Paulina and Jodie are working on the puzzle for the blue team, and they’re not too far behind. The red team stays ahead until the teams paddle out into the lagoon. Mike falls in the water and a bag of cocoa beans falls too. The red team must regroup, allowing the blue team to pass them. The blue team also takes the longest route in order to get the final puzzle clue. Both groups arrive at the puzzle station around the same time. They’re both working on the puzzle, but it’s the blue team that has the clue. Lauren is good at puzzles and she wants to prove that she can complete the puzzle without a clue. The red team thinks they have solved the puzzle, but they put in a wrong piece. She quickly corrects her mistake before the blue team can complete their puzzle. Red Team wins the adventure! They will also enjoy a Panamanian feast as a reward. Lauren has won every adventure so far. She remains in the lead with $38,750. Jodie is in last place with $10,000.

As Mike, Lauren, Eboni, and Colton enjoy their reward, Mike praises Lauren for helping lead the team. He congratulates everyone on a job well done. Meanwhile, back at camp, Jodie laments being in last place. She feels like she’s let the team down and she wonders how much of this experience she can still handle. Later, after the Red Team members return to camp, Ray talks to Mike. Ray misses his children and he feels a void. He promised his children that he would not put himself before his children. Her youngest son is currently in a sports season and they are having a great season. He misses those times with his family, and he says it’s time he can’t replace.

The celebrities greet Mauro for the next meeting of the Lanterns. They each receive an additional $2,000 to travel to today’s Lantern meeting. Mauro remarks that they all look tired. Paulina admits she wonders what she’s doing here. Lauren agrees it’s miserable. Mike says they didn’t realize the effect of the experiment beforehand. Jodie is worried about hurting herself if she gives more than she already has. Craig agrees that the experience is difficult. He is used to camping and being outdoors, but it is difficult. Eboni says she had the most to prove today, and she is happy to have finally been part of a winning team. Jodie admits she was frustrated to lose. Mauro asked if she should strategize in order to be back in contention for the grand prize, but Jodie isn’t used to thinking three steps ahead. Colton says he’s used to thinking three steps forward since he was a closeted gay man. He says he has been strategizing all his life and ultimately they will have to make the decisions that are best for their charities. Lauren admits she’s the best at puzzles and everyone agrees with her. Lauren feels confident about every challenge at this point, which she couldn’t have said at the start of the experience. Finally, Mauro asks if anyone wants to ring the bell and go home. Ray whispers to Jodie that he’s going to ring the bell. She tells him that he better not, and she will ring before him. Ray tells him he has to. Paulina says the pain is getting to her, but she’s not ready to give up. She says she doesn’t want her pain to win. Jodie says she’s having a hard time. She may ring the bell tomorrow, but she won’t today. Ray says he misses some of the most important moments in his children’s lives. He says he doesn’t want to disappoint his children anymore. Before Ray makes a decision, Mike says they all came here to compete. He wants Ray to reconsider. Ray is in tears, but he tells them that he will stay with them. He says it’s still hard. Mauro asks them to keep fighting the good fight as he sends them back to camp.

And that concludes tonight’s episode of beyond the edge. Thanks for reading and check back next week for another live recap.

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