Blog: A way to pray (03/22/22)


By Reverend Barb Dean – Senior Pastor of Living Word Outreach Ministries, Spencer

Every day in the news we read or watch reports about things that might concern us deeply and that are happening in the nations of the earth. Even in our beloved United States, we see so many hardships and moral changes that would have surprised us even 10 to 20 years ago. For those of us who follow Jesus Christ and read the Holy Bible, we recognize events that we might call “birth pangs” on earth. How close we are to the day Jesus takes us to heaven, no one knows except God himself, but there are signs to pay attention to.
For many of us, our deep concern is that our loved ones yield to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Countless people are estranged from Him and distracted by the drama of life, yet we have a secret weapon called prayer. The Bible tells us that fervent prayer makes a huge difference. Personally, I pray daily for my family and my church family in many different ways. There is a prayer that I want to share with you and that you could pray with me.
This prayer is written by Dutch Sheets who is a powerful prayer warrior. Please know this, there are no cases too difficult for God’s reach. As you stand in the gap as an intercessor for them and patiently wait to see God move, you will be filled with hope. He is so powerful and can bring you great peace when you know you are petitioning heaven on behalf of those you love.
So you and I can pray this way… “Heavenly Father, we ask you to meet with those who do not know you (here, call out the names of family members or friends who are worrying you). We ask you to meet them. Make your Holy Spirit hover around them with his holy presence until they are saturated with you. Create hunger in them. Remove the veil from their eyes so they can see you clearly. In Jesus’ Name we pray, so be it.
I know it… God loves us and his arm is not too short to reach the hearts of the humans he created and loves. Trust Him today to reach those you love so dearly. He is faithful and time and again has proven himself worthy of our trust.

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