Blog: Easter changes our reality (29/03/22)


By Emmanuel Naweji – Harris-Lake Park United Methodist Churches

It’s April, and also my time to share some thoughts with you. So the following lines are a note on the most important and celebrated events for the church: Easter.
As you and I know, Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of our Savior and Lord, three days after his death on the cross. But, the question is, “What does this mean for us today?” As you read the stories in this biblical account, you will first understand that Easter changes reality and the truth about us.
At Easter, everything Jesus had said to the disciples began to come to life. Before his arrest, for example, he told them that he would die and then come back to life after three days (Matthew 27:63; Luke 24:46; John 2:19). And this happened because Easter took place on Sunday (according to our current calendar), on the third day after his crucifixion on Good Friday (according to our Christian calendar).
Jesus rising from the dead also changed everything about who the disciples were. They realized that they were not just following the son of Joseph and Mary, but the Son of God and God the Father. They served and followed Him who has power over sin, death and all the powers of darkness.
Second, Easter means that God turns dead ends into detours. I know you and I have lost people, family or friends, to death. When we arrive at the cemetery for the burial, it looks like a dead end. It’s the end of the road for our loved ones here on earth. Putting the body of our Savior in the tomb was a dead end for the disciples. The religious leaders, with the help of the Romans, ensured that the tomb was sealed and secured so that no one stole the body.
However, Jesus came out of the tomb on the third day (Easter) despite the Roman guards guarding the tomb and regardless of the precautions put in place by the rulers to prevent this from happening. No one can stop God. Nothing can stop God from fulfilling the word of God. Sometimes there are things in life that feel like dead ends for you. Whenever you find yourself in these situations, think of Easter. Remember that you are following a God no one can stop. You serve a God who is faithful and will accomplish all that God has promised you.
Finally, Easter is about the next step for you. After his resurrection, and after appearing to the disciples for about 40 days (Acts 1), Jesus wanted them to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit. Waiting for the Holy Spirit was for the disciples to come out and testify (Acts 1:8).
In conclusion, Easter begins with Jesus Christ coming out of the tomb, which happened over 2,000 years ago. The power of his resurrection changes reality and the truth about who you are. Easter equips you with the power of the Holy Spirit, making you a witness of God’s grace and love, which God has called you to share with all others.
This year, therefore, I encourage you to invite someone new (a neighbor, etc.) to join you in celebrating Easter, either in your home or in your church. Share the story of the resurrection and how it changed us all. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

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