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Apple picking is an age-old fall tradition. As the hot summer days begin to cool off, apple picking becomes one of the healthiest and most family-friendly ways to celebrate the turn of the season.

Apple picking farms often offer more than Granny Smith and Honeycrisp – many have extra activities like wagon rides, corn mazes, pumpkin patch, live music, wine tastings for adults or entire fall festivals. Many of these farms also have amazing stores or farmer’s market stalls selling jams, candies, cider donuts, and all kinds of fall treats.

So if you love apples (you had to!), read Yelp’s list of the best places to pick apples in the United States. If you’re planning on visiting any of these places this fall, don’t delay! Most orchards only offer apple picking until the first frost, so the peak picking season is usually between late August and mid-November, depending on your location.

Pro Tip: You’re going to want to rate these places, so we’ve made it easy for you. For big business at your fingertips, get the Top 25 on the go. Follow this collection on Yelp.

1. Stone Soup Farm and Heritage Orchard – Oak Glen, California

What they are known for: Established in 2010 and located in the eastern foothills of Oak Glen, this family-run micro-farm features a heritage apple orchard, flower fields and cultivated gardens. The farm is dog-friendly and has paid seasonal dinners.

What Yelpers say: “I never thought we were going apple picking in Southern California! Admission is $5 and apples are sold by the pound… There’s also food on site in case you don’t. wouldn’t have eaten before the long drive to Oak Glen. The staff were super friendly and helpful in instructing us. There were tons of kids and dogs around so if you have any, be sure to take them too!” – Yelp Elite Scott S

2. Battleview Orchards – Freehold, New Jersey

What they are known for: Founded in 1908, the Farm and Country Store has been owned and operated by the Applegate family for four generations. Yelpers highly recommend their apple cider donuts.

What Yelpers say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away! … These orchards were beautiful and well worth the drive from New York. I was in awe and had no idea there were so many varieties of apples. It was overwhelming but exhilarating to be a kid again. We were just two moms in town enjoying a beautiful fall day, sharing a childhood tradition with our kids. It was a memorable and photogenic experience. We laughed and cracked up while trying to be strategic with the apples picked – Yelp Elite Kristia B

3. Willklow Orchards – Highland, New York

What they are known for: a sustainable and environmentally conscious sixth-generation family farm with your choice, CSA memberships, bakery, farmer’s market stalls and events. Bring back your apple picking bag next year for a discount.

What Yelpers say: “One of the best apple picking farms I have visited. Everything was so organized and there weren’t too many people. …. They gave us a map and were told there were tractor stops everywhere. If our bags have become too heavy, we can leave them there and they will bring them back to us. It was the first time I had seen something like this done for apple picking. We started all the way out the back and they had a ton of apples. The hike was very steep but the views were amazing. -Yelp Elite Kimberly H

4. Jaswell’s Farm – Smithfield, RI

What they are known for: a fourth generation family farm offering freshly picked seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as an assortment of fresh baked goods in their bakery. Make a reservation ahead of time to reserve your apple picking time slot and avoid a queue.

What Yelpers say: “Apple picking and pumpkin picking are just a rough sketch for this local farm. The little store is stocked with more of their fresh produce and homemade treats. The apple cider donuts are the best I’ve ever had. The apple fritters are to die for. Then they have these extravagant caramel/chocolate/Oreo covered apples. Apple cider, sauces, pies, apple butter, preserves, syrup, salsa and more. EVERYTHING homemade. – Yelp Elite Ashley R

5. Larriland Farm –Woodbine, MD

What they are known for: a U-pick fruit and vegetable farm that also offers a farmers market in their big red barn. Don’t leave without an apple fritter.

What Yelpers say: “It was my first time picking apples and tomatoes and it was a treat. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to do fall-inspired activities to kick off the season…. I highly recommend a farm trip, even if you choose not to pick anything, everyone should find out how and where their food is grown for a better appreciation of what ends up on the plate. Also on site is a huge barn that sells goodies from the farm (if you don’t want to do your own picking/cooking).” – Yelp Elite Michele C

6. Marker-Miller Orchards – Winchester, Virginia

seven. Mercier Orchards – Blue Ridge, Georgia

8. Russell Orchards –Ipswich, Mass.

9. Lyman Orchards Apple Barrel Market – Middlefield, Conn.

ten. windy eyebrow farms – Fredon Township, NJ

11. Patterson Fruit Farm – Chesterland, Ohio

12. red apple farm – Phillipston, MA

13. Edwards Apple Orchard – Poplar Grove, IL

14. LU-pick ibby and his son – Limerick, ME

15. Rocky Creek Orchard – Middletown, RI

16. Apple Barn Orchard & Winery – Elkhorn, WI

17. Triple B Farms – Monongahela, Pennsylvania

18. Ricker Hill Orchards – Turner, ME

19. Wasem Fruit Farm –Milan, Mich.

20. The Butler’s Orchard – Germantown, MD

21. Spicer Orchards Farmer’s Market and Cider House –Fenton, Mich.

22. Shelburne Orchards –Shelburne, Vermont

23. Grandpa’s apples – Hendersonville, North Carolina

24. Whistling Well Farm –Hastings, Minn.

25. Rowley’s Red Barn –Santaquin, UT

Did your favorite place make the top 25? Let us know on Twitter and instagram. Remember, we only know how good a place is if you take the time to review it. So share your thoughts on Yelpand maybe your favorites will be on next year’s list!

Methodology: This is an all-time list of the best apple picks in every state according to Yelp. We identified businesses with a high concentration of reviews mentioning “apple picking,” then ranked those locations using a number of factors, including total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “apple picking.” We’ve excluded companies that were on last year’s list. This list has reviewed companies in the United States. All businesses have been marked open on Yelp as of August 19, 2022, or will soon be open for the fall season. When available, all companies on this list have a passing health score as of August 19, 2022.

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Anthem of the Seas Live Blog – Day 5 – La Coruña, Spain Wed, 22 Jun 2022 14:45:27 +0000 [ad_1] I can’t believe that today is already the fifth day of my cruise on Anthem of the Seas! Today we docked in La Coruña, Spain, a medium-sized town in the Spanish region of Galicia, located just above Portugal. With rolling green hills, dramatic ocean cliffs, and small beaches dotted with coves in the landscape, […]]]>


I can’t believe that today is already the fifth day of my cruise on Anthem of the Seas! Today we docked in La Coruña, Spain, a medium-sized town in the Spanish region of Galicia, located just above Portugal. With rolling green hills, dramatic ocean cliffs, and small beaches dotted with coves in the landscape, La Coruña was a beautiful place to spend the day.

The cruise port is conveniently located downtown, so we were able to leave the ship and start exploring right away.

One trend I noticed on this cruise is that while ships dock at 8am, ports are very sleepy until at least 9 or 10am. When we got off the ship around 8:45 a.m. the cafes were just starting to open and the town was really quiet.

Breakfast and ocean view

I decided to skip breakfast on the boat today in favor of dinner at a local cafe in Spain. Even though I go on cruises quite often, it’s not every day that I can have breakfast in Spain!

Samantha and I stumbled upon Praza de María Pita, a large public square lined with historic buildings, restaurants, and cafes. Here we enjoyed pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice and cafe con leche.

Like every port we’ve been to so far, we arrived with no plan on how to spend the day. What’s great about cruising to European ports is that the infrastructure caters for pedestrians, meaning you can explore most ports without worrying about needing buses, taxis or boats to move around.

We came across a beautiful waterside trail that first led us to a small beach. After relaxing at the beach, we continued along the path. It turned into one of the most beautiful coastal hiking trails I have ever explored.

Located in the far north-west of Spain, La Coruña’s landscape and its rocky and dangerous coast are breathtaking. One of the city’s most iconic landmarks is the Tower of Hercules, the oldest surviving lighthouse in the world. With a height of around 180 feet, the lighthouse towers over the coast and was quite impressive to behold.

The walking path was the perfect place to spend a sunny morning in Spain, but all the walking quickly made us hungry!

Lunch time in town

Because La Coruña is a quiet town, we decided to have a long, relaxing lunch at the port. We came across a local restaurant with a menu del día (menu of the day). For €10.60 each we had two glasses of tinto de verano (a sweet wine drink), an appetizer of pasta and eggs, bread, a Thai rice dish, chocolate pudding and coffee. It was an amazing deal and the food was delicious!

We sat outside for about 2 hours enjoying the culture and sights of La Coruña. A fascinating fact about Galicia is that the native language of the region is Galician, which is actually more closely related to Portuguese than Spanish. About 2.5 million people speak Galician and you will hear both languages ​​when you visit La Coruña.

Our day in port ended with a brief walk to the ship along the La Coruña waterfront. I relaxed a little on one of the benches in the city park in front of the port before getting back on board.

Impressions of La Coruña

La Coruña is without a doubt the sleepiest city we have visited so far on this route, but I loved the relaxed vibe of the city. Honestly, I don’t know where most of the ship’s passengers went today because everywhere we went it wasn’t crowded.

If you’re happy to stroll beautiful hiking trails, visit the Tower of Hercules and indulge in Galician cuisine, La Coruña is a quiet day port. Although it doesn’t offer as many tourist attractions and activities as a city like Valencia or Barcelona, ​​I loved being able to walk around and learn more about the culture and landscapes of Galicia.

After three consecutive days in port, I would say this route is best suited to those who are more interested in visiting small towns above the larger and more touristy cities in Europe. If this is your first time visiting Europe, you might prefer an itinerary to cities like Rome, Nice, and Naples to see attractions like the Colosseum, Pompeii, and more.

If you’ve seen these places before, however, venturing into smaller, lesser-known towns will give you the opportunity to see these countries from a new perspective and connect more to the local culture rather than quickly jumping from one place to another. attraction to another.

Because I have already visited many major cities in Western Europe, this cruise itinerary is exactly what I hoped for! I probably never would have thought of visiting Galicia, for example, and now I can’t wait to go back.

Back on board

I was back on board around 3:30 p.m. and took about two hours to relax in my cabin before going to dinner.

We enjoyed another dinner in the main dining room tonight. I think that’s the most I’ve ever eaten in the main dining room on a cruise! Although I often opt for a quick dinner at the buffet after port or at the occasional specialty restaurant, it’s nice to feel “spoiled” every night in the dining room.

After ten cruises, I still can’t believe how classy it is when the waiter pulls out the scraper to clean the crumbs from the table before dessert. I ordered pesto tagliatelle and cherry jubilee for dinner tonight and they were both delicious!

A highly anticipated event was scheduled after dinner: my first Broadway production on a Royal Caribbean cruise!

So far I have been on three other Royal Caribbean ships with Broadway shows (Oasis, Harmony and Independence of the Seas). Each time, the Broadway show was canceled due to an omicron or crew injury. For this reason, I was super excited to watch We Will Rock You at the Royal Theater on Anthem of the Seas.

We Will Rock You tells the story of the battle between Bohemians and an oppressive establishment. While bohemians want to experience the freedom of rock n’ roll, the futuristic establishment tries to stop anyone from playing and experiencing the greatest music in history.

Let’s just say I was blown away by the incredible performance; this is by far the best show i have ever seen on any ship! I now understand why everyone raves about Royal Caribbean shows on Broadway. The 2 hour production was hugely energetic, with classic rock n’ roll tunes that turned the theater into one giant party.

The cast was also beyond talented, with the best voices I have ever heard on a cruise ship! I usually struggle to understand Royal Caribbean’s more abstract entertainment shows, so I loved having an easy-to-follow storyline mixed in with wonderful live music. Samantha and I may see the show again tomorrow because we enjoyed it so much.

Tomorrow is a well-deserved day at sea after three busy days in port!

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Victoria & Albert reopening date and details Sat, 11 Jun 2022 16:40:54 +0000 [ad_1] Facebook Twitter pinterest Walt Disney World has announced the reopening of Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian in July 2022, along with a preview of the reimagined restaurant. This article covers the opening date and details, advance booking information, and commentary on the V&A value proposition in light of the astronomical price increase. […]]]>


Walt Disney World has announced the reopening of Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian in July 2022, along with a preview of the reimagined restaurant. This article covers the opening date and details, advance booking information, and commentary on the V&A value proposition in light of the astronomical price increase. (Updated June 11, 2022.)

This is the first major restaurant reopening news since Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, and one of the few dining options to return in 2022. The biggest recent development has been the return of dining normal characters, which allowed some furry characters. to return to normal. The good news is that the vast majority of notable restaurants have already reopened in the past year, which is happening almost every week over the summer.

The bad news is that no additional cooking experiences have returned since the aforementioned interaction changes, likely due to a shortage of facial characters. Additionally, a handful of Walt Disney World’s top Signature restaurants still haven’t returned, likely due to a lack of international programming. At least Victoria & Albert’s is now leaving that ‘closed’ list and reopening next month! Here are the details of Walt Disney World…

Victoria & Albert Fine Dining Restaurant at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is gearing up for its momentous return on July 28, 2022. Advance reservations for the V&A will open early and early June 20, 2022.

Several readers have asked what “early” means and we don’t have a good answer. Walt Disney World’s release schedule for new ADRs is inconsistent. Sometimes it’s 6am, sometimes it’s an hour earlier, other times it’s later. On some occasions it seems to be gradual, with hours slowly loading into the ADR system as the hours go by. (Advance reservations never release at midnight, so you can at least get some sleep.)

Victoria & Albert’s, a recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award since 2000 and the Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Award since 2018, is known for its unparalleled dining experience with exquisite dishes prepared with ingredients from around the world.

Walt Disney World’s flagship restaurant is the only one in Florida to have the honor of having both AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Travel Guide Five Star awards. Only 26 other restaurants in the United States have this same unique distinction.

Not only will the flavors of Victoria & Albert’s be enhanced, but the interior has been redesigned in preparation for its triumphant return. Victoria & Albert’s newly redesigned dining room brings guests into a Victorian-style setting with murals and wall coverings that showcase timeless elegance and subtle inspirations from a whimsical garden.

For a more intimate evening, the Queen Victoria Private Room or the coveted Chef’s Table with front-row seating for the culinary masterminds at work may be the option for you. The world-class wine collection found in its wine cellar, with over 500 selections, is paired perfectly with your dishes by the staff sommeliers. If you’re interested in zero-proof cocktails, there are also delicious drink pairing options for you.

Upon reopening, guests can savor the chef’s tasting menu at Victoria & Albert’s. Each dish balances elegant ingredients with unique flavors. With Victoria & Albert’s ever-changing menu, guests can feast on dishes such as Colorado Lamb with Pickled Blueberries and Purple Mustard and Line-Line Turbot with Fennel Fondue and Pernod Beurre Blanc.

Those who appreciate the best of beef can upgrade to the Wagyu A-5 Miyazaki with romesco sauce and potato rösti. Chocolate lovers will delight in the Spectrum of Chocolate, an ombré made from specialty chocolates with accents of buttermilk, Grand Marnier and vanilla.

These dishes are masterfully created by the talented culinary team led by Victoria & Albert Executive Chef Matthew Semers. He has worked at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts since 2006, with over 15 years of culinary experience at Victoria & Albert’s, in addition to preparing menus for Remy on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

With over 30 years of experience, Pastry Chef Kristine Farmer was part of the opening team at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and currently leads the resort’s baking team, including its three signature restaurants, Disney’s Fairytale Weddings, and even the production of the gingerbread house.

Then there’s legendary culinary director, chef Scott Hunnel, who has his own heritage at the Grand Floridian and Victoria and Albert’s. The James Beard Award nominee now provides guidance and mentorship to chefs at multiple resorts, including the team at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Sommelier Israel Perez serves as the butler where he and his award-winning team pay close attention to every detail of the dining experience. For more than 20 years, he has created memorable experiences for guests at various iconic restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort.

Executive Chef Kevin Chong, who directs all culinary operations at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, leads the talented chefs. It’s no small feat, but this chef and his team maintain the long-established reputation for these delicious tables.

A reminder of the Victoria & Albert dress code – be sure to dress to impress, as this is an exquisite and intimate dining experience and the culinary gem of Walt Disney World Resort. Patrons should dress accordingly for this upscale spot with semi-formal to formal attire that respects the restaurant’s elegant and opulent aesthetic.

Unlike other Signature restaurants, Victoria & Albert’s dress code is actually enforced.

The reopening of Victoria & Albert’s is part of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa’s multi-year transformation, honoring its rich history at the Walt Disney World Resort while enhancing its iconic Victorian charm and elegance. This grand the transformation began with the addition of the Enchanted Rose salon and the reimagining of Cítricos and continued with the reopening of the Grand Floridian Spa. Victoria & Albert’s and the newly upgraded and expanded Villas accommodations at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will open this summer.

According to Walt Disney World, the “transformation will continue with updated offerings throughout the resort over the coming years.” That’s great to hear and, to our knowledge, the first time the company has acknowledged there’s more on the horizon for the Greater Floridian. Hoping the guest rooms will get an overhaul very soon.

In terms of reviews, Victoria & Albert’s is one of our favorite restaurants anywhere in the world, not just Walt Disney World. While there are other great Signature restaurants, it’s the unequivocal gem of the Disney culinary landscape, and it’s treated as such.

You may have understood as much of the emphasis on awards V&A has received and its culinary credentials, but Walt Disney World is quite proud of Victoria & Albert and its accolades. From what I’ve heard, Disney is focusing on Michelin recognition of the V&A in the new Florida guide (another topic to be covered shortly) and most of its modifications were made for this purpose.

UPDATE July 11, 2022: Following the announcement, Walt Disney World has released Victoria & Albert’s prices, and the prix fixe menu now departures at $295.00 per person. Optional wine pairings start at $150.00 per person, with no-fail pairings available at $110.00 per guest. That goes from $185 per person at closing time for the prix fixe menu and $250 with wine pairings (down from $445 now).

Victoria & Albert’s was probably slightly undervalued for what it was before the shutdown. It was always difficult to book, and just about everyone we know who has dined there (including us) came away happy with the experience and feeling good about what they paid for what they have lived. No one (including us) walked away saying “it would have been worth it at almost double the price!” As a result, we have removed some comments about Victoria & Albert being ‘good value’ for what it is.

Victoria & Albert’s has long “competed” with Michelin-starred restaurants for recognition and critical acclaim, the same way restaurants in Disney Springs compete with other establishments in Orlando. This means that the ingredients, the preparation, the service and the whole experience are unmatched at V&A. Whether it’s $295 per person (and up) is in the eye of the beholder – we won’t dine there at that price.

Last time we dined at Victoria & Albert’s it was half that amount and well worth it. No shortcuts were cut, no detail was overlooked – nothing less than spectacular and far superior to any other restaurant in Walt Disney World. However, it wasn’t so far above everything else that it warranted a $295 price tag. There are plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants in the real world that offer something comparable for a lot less money.

Without a doubt, Victoria & Albert’s is an expensive experience that’s not for everyone, and not just because of its prices. It’s haute cuisine, and even after countless courses, you’re not going to walk away drunk. If you prefer something simple, direct and laid back, the V&A is not a good choice.

At Victoria & Albert’s, the service is superlative, attentive and welcoming. Unlike other Michelin-caliber meals, the V&A is approachable, not stuffy or stuffy. As someone who feels unreasonably uncomfortable in many high end restaurants, V&A is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, the price increases make it a non-starter for us. I guess we’ll continue to patiently wait for the reopening dates of Takumi Tei and Monsieur Paul – the other two best restaurants in Walt Disney World – and enjoy great meals at significantly lower prices.

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Learn more about the hotels on our Walt Disney World Hotel Reviews page. To find out where to eat, read our Walt Disney World restaurant reviews. To save money on tickets or figure out which type to buy, read our tips for saving money on Walt Disney World tickets. Our What to Pack for Disney Trips article takes a unique look at smart on-the-go items. To know what to do and when to do it, our Walt Disney World Ride guides will help you. For comprehensive advice, the best place to start is our Walt Disney World Travel Planning Guide for everything you need to know!


Excited about the reopening of Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa? Is the V&A on your list of things to do at Walt Disney World, or is this type of fine dining not your cup of tea? Excited to see the restaurant reinvented? What do you think of this news? Any restaurant reopening announcements you’re still looking forward to? Hoping for more “normalcy restored” announcements in the near future? Does this make you optimistic or pessimistic about the reopening of more restaurants at Walt Disney World? Questions we can help you answer? Hearing your feedback is both interesting for us and helpful for other readers, so share your thoughts below in the comments!

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