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Color gamut and precision are essential for those producing 3D models, action figures, collectibles and product prototypes, according to a blog from Mimaki that highlights its new 3DUJ-2207 compact printer.

Mimaki Jordi
Jordi Drieman, 3D specialist,
Mimaki Europe

“The productivity and creative benefits of adding 3D printing to almost any model making business are clear, but the cost and complexity of the process can often be a barrier,” writes Jordi Drieman, Applications Specialist. 3D, Mimaki Europe.

“With the launch of Mimaki’s complete and affordable 3D printing solution – including the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207, 3D Print prep Pro software and 3DCS-322 post-processing unit – The end-to-end 3D printing process is now easier to implement and use than ever before, making the dream of adding full color 3D printing a reality.

“However, with so many entrepreneurs, model makers and creatives happily working with 3D printers that offer limited or no color, why change this process?

“We’ve seen this throughout history – when new innovations are made more accessible, some find it difficult to understand why they need to change the way they work. The point is, professional full-color 3D printing can enable a host of revolutionary new revenue opportunities or simply add significant value to an existing business that is currently 3D printing in one color. With the availability of a complete and cost-effective 3D printing solution, businesses and entrepreneurs should not be asking ‘why’ but ‘when’ can I incorporate amazing and accurate colors and shading into my 3D models and these are the reasons …

Color can give you competitive advantage

“For those who produce intricate and detailed scale models, action figures, collectibles or product prototypes, the color gamut and precision are a clear differentiator for your business. Whether it’s producing action figures from the latest video game, a prototype for new perfume packaging, or scale models of a client’s yacht, finishing the model with hand-painted colors and details takes on time consuming and expensive. Adding high quality full color 3D printing streamlines the process while delivering a high value model.

“Creative people more often than not use color in their illustrations and designs. Being able to 3D print their concepts in the desired colors not only provides a fast and efficient way to convey a prototype concept to a client, for example, but allows designers and artists truly unlimited creativity. The printing of color prototypes on the mark also preserves the integrity of the mark, even from the concept stage.

“Plus, the compact design of the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 makes it small enough to fit in your office elevator and therefore fit into your office space or design studio. Creating 3D printed models on location, in the space where you brainstorm your ideas, adjust iterations, or showcase your designs, offers increased efficiency and dynamism to the design process.

“There are 3D applications where color is crucial to ensure an accurate representation of what is printed. Mimaki’s technology, with 10 million achievable colors, provides the color gamut needed to accurately reproduce the most complex patterns. Healthcare professionals, researchers or educational organizations using 3D printing to deliver anatomical models or even prostheses that truly match skin tones require exceptional color fidelity. This is the case with Mimaki’s client, Università di Firenze (University of Florence), who chose Mimaki’s technology to print models of the human heart and help students recognize its structure during surgical dissection or anatomical.

“Of course, while the affordable 3DUJ-2207 may allow businesses to open the door of full color 3D printing to all of the opportunities mentioned above, if / when you produce a large number of 3D printed models, the larger printing area and the higher speed of the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 must also be taken into account. This system offers the same extensive color gamut for manufacturing high quality production scale models. For details on Mimaki’s full line of 3D products, including the new 3D Print prep Pro software and the 3DCS-322 substrate removal system, please visit “

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