Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch Live Blog: The Best Watch 7, SE & 3 Deals We’ve Seen



Why not go for the Apple Watch 3, then? You’re a bit limited if you go for the cheapest Apple Watch right now, and there’s a good chance it won’t get watchOS 9 when that inevitably comes in 2022.

This remains to be confirmed, but we were surprised to see watchOS 8 coming to the smartwatch, so it’s likely that next-gen software won’t come to this version of Apple’s mighty smartwatch.

It won’t mean that your smartwatch is outdated, but it may mean that you are missing some features that other Apple Watch owners have. For the most part, that won’t be a problem, especially since you’re saving a lot compared to buying a new Apple Watch 7.

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What’s the best deal we’ve seen on Apple smartwatches this Black Friday I hear you cry? It must be the Apple Watch 3. Even though it is the oldest product in the Apple Watch line, we have seen a pretty good deal this year.

In the United States, for an extraordinarily short time, you can buy one for just $ 109. It was a deal run by Walmart, but we saw it sell out in seconds. The retailer is unlikely to have a lot of inventory to sell at this price, but some bargain hunters have been able to grab it for this low price.

If you want one ASAP, you can get it now for $ 169 from Best Buy or £ 169 at Amazon. Those are two fantastic prices for a new smartwatch from Apple. However, it’s not as low as $ 109. Sorry about that.

(Image credit: Apple)

Looking for your perfect Apple Watch but don’t know where to start? We have a comprehensive guide to the best Apple Watches. Head over to our best Apple Watch buying guide, and when it’s clear what you want, be sure to come back here for the best deals today.

How about an Apple Watch SE? If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the flagship Watch 7 (or even last year’s Apple Watch 6), the Watch SE is a top pick and there are discounts in the US and UK. .

Those in the United States can grab the watch from Amazon for $ 219.99, a discount of $ 60. Offers are not as strong in the UK, but you can still get £ 50 off the smartwatch, bringing it down to £ 249 at Currys.

In our 2020 review, we said, “If you know you want a new Apple Watch, the Watch SE is the one for you: it has all the useful features of the Watch 6, but it’s a lot less. expensive, and therefore one of the best smartwatches around.

“Always-on display is sorely lacking, but fitness tracking – including motivating nudges to keep you active – is still going strong and will improve when Fitness Plus lands.

“However, the Watch SE has the same issues as the rest of the Apple Watch line: some features and apps are too light, and the battery life is just too short to get the most out of the watch.”

Adele poorly edited to accommodate a bunch of Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptops

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Meanwhile, in our Dell Live Blog, you can enjoy fantastic images like the ones above. Please take it easy on me if I don’t create such beautiful works of art that you can enjoy while you read about Apple watches.

It’s time to talk about buying one, getting one for free. I don’t particularly think this is the best kind of deal for gadgets like an Apple Watch. I would much prefer a half-price Apple Watch since I don’t need two.

However, if you have a family member who you would like to gift one to, this may be a suitable option. AT&T in the US offers to buy one, get one for free, which could save you up to $ 330.

The catch is, you’ll need to set up a new line with the carrier, and you’ll want to enable data plans on both devices so you can get the second one for free. It’s a bit complicated, but it might just be the best Apple Watch deal for you.

Tomorrow is your last day to buy an Apple Watch during the sales period, so if you don’t see anything you like about today’s best deals in this live blog, we recommend checking it out again. tomorrow for more details.

More retailers could offer deals on the Apple Watch in the next 24 hours, but it’s hard to say for sure if there will be any further discounts. It’s an unpredictable year for offers, especially since the stock of some Apple products is particularly limited.

So far, we haven’t seen this have a huge impact on Apple Watch products, but tomorrow would be when we would expect stock to become limited (if at all).

Apple Watch 5 CM offer

(Image credit: Apple)

Back to the Apple Watch deals, and one of the biggest surprises this Black Friday was a deal on the Apple Watch 5. This smartwatch is no longer readily available from Apple, but is available from other retailers. .

This is a high-end deal with an Apple Watch 5 in its 44mm form (it’s the larger version) with mobile connectivity for just $ 459. It is at the bottom of $ 749 RRP, which means you can save $ 290.

Unfortunately, we have not found an equivalent agreement in the UK. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for older models for the next 36 hours.

Like, seriously … We left her in charge of Amazon’s live blog a few days ago, and this photo ended up showing up on within moments.


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I predict that she will also make a lot of references to pets. Expect at least two photos of Golden Retrievers wearing AirPods Pro Max before the day is over.

Let’s take a quick break from the best Apple Watch deals to give you more options for Apple upgrades this year. If you’re looking for a new Apple gadget, we’ve got a guide to the best Apple Cyber ​​Monday deals.

UK? Here is a selection of our favorite deals today:

Don’t you think the Apple Watch 7 is needed? Can I recommend that you check out the Apple Watch 6? It will be cheaper this Cyber ​​Monday, and we saw $ 50 off the new smartwatch today.

Those in the UK get a much better deal, where the smartwatch has dropped to £ 309 for the 44mm GPS version. For the rest of the year this version cost £ 409, so you get a savings of £ 100 this Sunday or Cyber ​​Monday.

Finally, there is also a deal on the Apple Watch 6 with cellular support. The 44mm version normally costs £ 509, but a great deal on the smartwatch allows you get £ 110 off, that means it only costs £ 399 right now.

An Apple Watch 7 (45 mm) on the left and an Apple Watch 6 (44 mm) on the right

An Apple Watch 7 (45 mm) on the left and an Apple Watch 6 (44 mm) on the right (Image credit: TechRadar)

Why would you want the Apple Watch 7? If you own an Apple Watch 6, you probably won’t find it useful to upgrade to this new smartwatch. TechRadar Global Editor-in-Chief Gareth Beavis said this smartwatch is “essentially the Watch 6 with a slightly larger screen and the ability to charge faster.”

He noted that the new colors are exciting for some people, but otherwise this is a remarkably similar smartwatch. So why would you want it? That bigger screen is a big selling point for some people.

Beavis said: “The bigger screen allows for more functionality – for example, you can see more of your messages or have more area for bigger buttons to press. Apple also thinks that that extra display space means it’s time to add a keyboard to the Watch – and we have to say we found it quite easy to dig out messages on the Watch 7 (although dictation was everything. as good and less complicated). “

Apple Watch 7 on a bed of stones.

Apple Watch 7 (Image credit: Avenir)

The biggest surprise in Apple Watch form this Black Friday deal period is that the Apple Watch Series 7 has been handed over. It’s not a lot, but you can still grab the company’s latest smartwatch at its lowest price.

It is at $ 380 from $ 400 in US, while those in the UK can get it for just £ 349 while it is normally £ 369. If you want the latest and greatest from Apple, this will be the best price you can find this year.

First off, Cyber ​​Monday Apple Watch deals in the US and UK are across the full range of devices. We have seen offers on the oldest version currently available, which is the Apple Wach 3.

The price is right $ 169 at Best Buy right now, which is down from $ 199 most of the year. You missed a very brief deal that allowed you to get it for just $ 109, but the stock moved so quickly that it was nearly impossible to grab.

In the UK, we also saw the Apple Watch 3 hit its lowest price on record at £ 169 vs. £ 199 on Amazon right now. Don’t expect the price to drop much lower than that, and we can’t imagine you’ll see a cheaper Apple Watch deal this Cyber ​​Monday.

Ahoy-hoy, thanks for stopping by TechRadar’s Apple Watch Deals Live Blog, where we’ll – surprisingly – talk to you over the next couple of days of smartwatch deals.

There are a variety of Apple Watch deals that you can choose from right now (you can see the highlights at the top of this page, which we’ll be running constantly) and we’ll tell you about them until the end. of Cyber ​​Monday, when the sweet embrace of sleep will engulf us, perhaps for eternity.

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