Florida State falls to Auburn, 21-7 (LIVE BLOG ARCHIVE)


AUBURN, Ala. (WCTV) – Well, hello again folks! Athletic Director Ryan Kelly here at Plainsman Park is preparing for our Winner’s Bracket contest between Auburn and Florida State. FSU is the home team tonight under NCAA rules, so stick with us as we give you round-by-round updates.


– Hey everyone, with the game in hand and having to prepare for sport in 20 minutes we’re going to have to call him here. Thank you for following despite the result. FSU will play in the losers pool if that score holds tomorrow at 2 p.m.

BOT 8TH – three runs, two hits, no errors, three LOBs

-Single RBI rank. 16-7.

-Perry with a simple RBI, bases loaded. 16-6.

-Sebastian Jimenez just erased a ball on the night from Alabama. Holy cow.

TOP 8TH – 16-4 AU

-Auburn plates another one. At this point, yours truly just needs this game to end so we can be allowed to show footage on the 11th newscast.

BOT 7TH – Three runs, two hits, no errors, no LOBs, 15-4 AU

-FSU back on the board thanks to a three-point blast from a pinch hitting Treyton Rank.

TOP 7TH – Four runs, two hits, one error, three LOBs, 15-1

-HBP back to back brings two more home.

-RBI ground, 13-1

-The tigers tackle another one on a step loaded with plinths. 12-1

BOT 6TH – Nothing Through, 11-1 AU

TOP 6TH – No runs, no hits, no errors, one LOB, 11-1 AU

O’Canada – No runs, one hit, no errors, one LOB, 11-1 AU

TOP 5TH – One run, one hit, no errors, one LOB, 11-1 AU

BOT 4TH – Nothing through, 10-1 AU

TOP 4TH – Seven runs, five hits, two errors, two LOBs, 10-1 Auburn

-Auburn tackles one more before the end of the inning. 10-0

-RBI single plates two more. 9-1.

-RBI double, followed by an E9 plate two more for Auburn and it’s spiraling out of control. 7-1.

-E6, 5-1 Auburn.

-FSU intentionally walks DiChiara. Bases loaded, no outs.

– The meat changes. Ross Dunn to pitch.

-Auburn recovers its run. Foster with an RBI brace and it’s 4-1.

-Yet another quick start for the AU offense. A single and a walk have two, neither has disappeared.

BOT 3RD – One run, one hit, no errors, one LOB, 3-1 AU

-Noles gets two with back-to-back walks, but Jordan Carrion hits one short to line up. The runner was far enough from the bag to get passed and the team is out.

-Toral is removed from the base paths. Far too far from the second. Score it a 2-6-5.

-Here are the ‘Noles. Logan Lacey’s opening goal and an Alex Toral brace cut the deficit to 3-1.

TOP 3RD – Two runs, three hits, one error, one LOB, 3-0 AU

-Whitaker rolls a K and the team is out.

-FSU potentially grabs another break as a wall safe RBI double is ruled out at home plate. The umpire ruled Brody Moore never touched home plate, but he’s under review. The appeal is valid, two withdrawals.

-Roberts takes a playable ball to the chest. Ruled a shot but not the best of frames for him. Meat visits the mound and he will make the change. Connor Whittaker will be the new Seminole pitcher.

-Brooks Carlton station one on the monster on the left. Mistakes kill. 3-0 Auburn.

-The Tigers get a first man in Sonny Dichiara after Roberts knocks a fly out of his glove. E4.

BOT 2ND – Nothing through, 1-0 AU

-James Tibbs and Brett Roberts put the ball in play but find gloves. Reece Albert is called in for a call much to Meat’s dismay. He lets the ref hear about it but the ‘Noles quietly walk away in the second.

TOP 2ND – One run, one hit, no errors, two LOBs, 1-0 AU

-Foster flies to Colton Vincent behind the plate. The FSU escapes with minimal damage.

-Another walk puts the runners in the corners with two outs and the dangerous Cole Foster to home plate.

-F8 deep right center fly bag brings racing. 1-0 Auburn.

-Ferrer plays a shallow fly right. The runners hold and FSU gets an out.

-Auburn is wasting no time getting back to work. An attack march and a double out of the wall to the left have two RISPs. Jimmy Belanger came out to chat with Bryce Hubbard.

BOT 1ST – No Executions, One Hit, No Errors, No LOBs, 0-0

-Tyler Martin gets a first single, but that’s it as two shallow flies and a 2-6 steal catch draw the team out.

TOP 1ST – No runs, one hit, no errors, two LOBs, 0-0

-Pierce goes down swinging but Hubbard hits the next batter. Mike Martin Jr. has called for a review, but if it holds, the basics are up for the Tigers. The ball clearly hit the batter but Meat disputes that he ducked. The call has been canceled and the team is out as it is called the third strike.

-Auburn cooks early. A walk outside and a one-two for cleaner Bobby Peirce.


As a courtesy, the game starts on ESPNNews, it will move to ESPN2 when Michigan and Louisville end.

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