Live Blog: Ohio and Indiana midterm primaries


The top candidates in a crowded race for the open Ohio Senate seat affirmed their positions on abortion as voters headed to the polls on Tuesday, following the leaked Supreme Court opinion who could overthrow Roe vs. Wade Monday evening.

representing Tim Ryan (D-OH), a candidate for the Democratic Senate nomination, promised Tuesday afternoon that he would work to codify access to abortion at the federal level.

“The fight for the right to choose includes passing the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade,” he tweeted. “I was proud to support the [WHPA] in the House. Now is the time for the Senate to act.”

Republican and Trump-endorsed leader JD Vance said the decision “would be an incredible victory for the pro-life movement and, more importantly, for the innocent people we are fighting for.” He added that the leak was a worrying sign of institutional collapse driven by the left.

Josh Mandelanother top GOP candidate, also blasted the leak, call it’s “an attempt at mob rule” while celebrating the decision. He also criticized Vance’s past criticism of former President Donald Trump.

Republican mike gibbons promised to work for anti-abortion policies if elected and said the issue was personal to him since his mother was adopted.

“Huge [pro-life] victory and great to see the Court recognize that all life is protected by the Constitution,” he said. mentioned on Twitter. “We still have to make sure we elect candidates who will continue to stand up for the unborn child, which is exactly what I will do in the US Senate.”

The result of the Dobbs vs. Jackson decision will weigh heavily on the upcoming midterm elections. If the final decision is the same as the opinion disclosed, states will have greater power to regulate or even ban abortion.

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