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(KMAland) — The Martin Blog Fall Sports Preview series continues with a look at the Rolling Valley Conference Cross Country.


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The Woodbine girls and boys continued their recent cross-country success, winning both Rolling Valley Conference championships last year. Here’s how it lined up:


1. Woodbine (26)

2. Boyer Valley (38)

3. Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (62)


1. Woodbine (20)

2. Boyer Valley (47)

3. MAO (61)


• Boyer Valley Bulldogs: Kent Hall

• Cougars CAM: Joe Wollum

• Coon Rapids-Bayard Crusaders: Darla Davis

• Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton Spartans: Kevin Brown

• Glidden-Ralston Wildcats: Brad Kahler

• West Harrison Hawkeyes: Julius Michalik

• Woodbine Tigers: James Smith


GIRLS: All of the top eight from the RVC meet are back, but spots 9-10-11-12-13-14 will need to be filled. Chenoa Bowman of West Harrison, Lucia Garcia of Woodbine, Maci Miller of Boyer Valley, Riley Kerger of Woodbine, Macy Emgarten of Exira/EHK and Sage Wallis of West Harrison ran in that order last year. Exira/EHK’s Kate Hansen (17th) is another top-20 who went missing, and West Harrison’s Rachael Olson (22nd) also raced at the RVC meet.

BOYS: Only one of the top 12 from last year’s RVC meet graduated. It was Woodbine’s fourth-place finish for Nate Wright. No. 13 Coon Rapids-Bayard’s Corey Heithoff is the only other senior to compete in the RVC college meet a year ago.


Once again, this top 20 comeback comes from last year’s Rolling Valley Conference meet at Woodbine.

The first number is the ranking among the returnees while the number in parentheses is where they finished at the Rolling Valley meeting last year. If the time of the conference has not been indicated in the presentation text, it will be put in parentheses at the end.


1. (1) Mariah Falkena, SO, Boyer Valley: Falkena’s quest to win four conference championships continues after winning the title in the blink of an eye. (22:22.11)

2. (2) Addison Murdock, JR, Woodbine: Oh, we love multi-sport athletes. We love dual sport athletes even more. Here is one. Murdock ran a 22:43.65 last year to finish second.

3. (3) Adyson Lapel, SO, Woodbine: From one Addison/Adyson to another. Lapel was third in 24:01.24.

4. (4) Clara Gorham, SO, Boyer Valley: Another strong sophomore year back, Gorham took fourth in 24:06.66.

5. (5) Elise Olson, SO, Woodbine: Here’s another one that flashed in freshman year. Olson ran 24:28.59 for the Tigers.

6. (6) Abby Mandel, JR, Boyer Valley: We’re just trading Boyer Valley and Woodbine back and forth at this point. Mandel was sixth in 24:57.87.

7. (7) Kylie Neligh, JR, Woodbine: Another tiger, Neigh ran a 25:01.94 in seventh place.

8. (8) Ella Petersen, SR, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton: Petersen is the first non-Boyer Valley or Woodbine runner in the race. She ran a 25:37.90 to place eighth.

9. (15) Carly Dennis, JR, CAM: The best returning runner for CAM, Dennis ran a 27:58.10 in 15th.

10. (16) Lindsey Chaney, SO, CAM: From one CAM runner to another, Chaney found himself 16th with a 27:59.27.

The rest of the returnees:

11. (18) Quinn Grubbs, RS, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (28:16.90)

12. (19) Gracie Bartz, SO, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (28:28.32)

13. (20) South Mia, JR, MOC (32:04.95)

14. (21): Ruby VanderWal, SO, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (32:06.76)

15. (23) Reagan Harris, RS, Boyer Valley (32:51.18)

16. (24) Ellen Gerlock, SO, CAM (34:59.09)

17. (25) Olivia Dixon, SO, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (36:51.46)


1. (1) Patrick Heffernan, SR, Boyer Valley: Heffernan won his second straight conference championship last year, earning a victory in 17:45.30.

2. (2) Landon Bendgen, JR, Woodbine: Bendgen made progress last year en route to a second-place finish in 18:40.75.

3. (3) Gunner Wagner, SO, Woodbine: Wagner burst onto the scene as a rookie with a time of 19:05.38 for third place.

4. (5) Thomas Tremel, JR, Woodbine: Tremel was Woodbine’s fourth consecutive runner last year, finishing in fifth place with a time of 20:14.32.

5. (6) Trey Burgmeyer, JR, Woodbine: Burgmeyer was next for the Tigers with a 20:44.75.

6. (7) Gavin Clayton, SR, CAM: Clayton is ready to make the most of a big senior year ahead. He finished with a solid 21:02.78 in the RVC encounter.

7. (8) Adam Barry, SO, Woodbine: Another Woodbine runner—why not? Barry finished in eighth place with a time of 21:47.94.

8. (9) Treaven Hill-Borger, SR, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton: Hill-Borger was the Spartans’ leading runner in the game with a time of 22:05.37. He was also the only runner for the Spartans.

9. (10) Evan Ten Eyck, JR, Boyer Valley: Ten Eyck of Boyer Valley finished with a 22:26.44.

10. (11) Carson Cary, SR, CAM: Cary finished 11th in the RVC meet in 22:59.05.

The rest of the returnees:

11. (12) Ethan Hanigan, RS, Boyer Valley (23:09.25)

12. (14) Riley Acker, RS, West Harrison (23:30.47)

13. (15) Tony Hast, JR, Boyer Valley (23:44.83)

14. (16) Ben Bartlett, JR, OMC (24:09.01)

15. (17) Medal Yoc-Fuentes, SR, Boyer Valley (24:12.38)

16. (18) Rylan Oglesbee, JR, MOC (24:31.55)

17. (19) Josiah Bartlett, SO, MOC (25:15.41)

18. (20) Gunnar Stolz, RS, West Harrison (29:30.19)

19. (21) James Kraft, JR, West Harrison (29:33.86)

20. (22) Austin Garcia, JR, Boyer Valley (31:11.79)


Boyer Valley: Falkena ended his first season with a state qualifying race and finished 79th in Class 1A. Meanwhile, on the boys side, Patrick Heffernan showed RVC strength with a 10th place finish on the boys side.

CAM: The Cougar girls could send two of the top 52 1A SQM runners back to Panorama. Sophomore Lindsey Chaney finished 46th while junior Carley Dennis went 51st. Their other four riders from the competition are back. On the boys side, Gavin Clayton hopes to continue to improve and will look to move up from his 24th place finish at Panora.

Coon Rapids-Bayard: Corey Heithoff was the only runner on either side at SQM last year, and he graduated.

Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton: Senior Ella Petersen finished 45th in the 1A SQM at Panora, and they will fire four of their other six runners from this encounter. On the boys’ side, Treason Hill-Borger returns for his senior season after a 47th place finish at the SQM. Their other runner – Levi Jessen – could also be back.

West Harrison: The West Harrison girls lose their three runners from the SQM meet. The boys will bring back their best SQM runner, the eldest Riley Acker (65th). Two others from this meeting could also return.

Woodbine: The Woodbine boys and girls qualified for Fort Dodge and the state meet. The boys finished ninth while the girls were 10th in 1A. Six of the seven girls and six of the seven boys who raced at Fort Dodge will be back. Addison Murdock was the best for the girls (22nd) while Landon Bendgen (42nd) and Gunner Wagner (47th) weren’t too far apart for the boys.


GIRLS: Boyer Valley girls won the junior high championship, edging Woodbine by four points last year. The top incoming freshman was Boyer Valley’s Lauryn Muff, who took fourth place behind a trio of seventh-graders. Another freshman – Lily Heistand – finished fifth in that meet. Woodbine’s Katy Pryor, Reagan Cogdill and Bailey Steppuhn and Boyer Valley’s Sylvia Sullivan were also in the top 10.

BOYS: The Woodbine cross country team is so deep. They might not lose too much, but they could dig deep into a sophomore class that had eight of that class at the JV meet last year. There was also another senior and another junior. That said, Coon Rapids-Bayard won the RVC Junior Championship, led by runner-up and incoming freshman Landon Cook. Other freshmen who were in the top 10 of this meeting: Cole Cretsinger of Coon Rapids-Bayard (6th), Blake Gossman of CAM (8th) and Carter Wiemann of Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (10th).


GIRLS AND BOYS: I think it would be quite surprising if Woodbine didn’t rehearse on both sides again this year. They are a very big favorite on the boys side, and I would say a “solid favorite” on the girls side with Boyer Valley not too far away. We know one thing for sure: the Woodbine cross-country ski is rolling right now.

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