Mediawatch: Stuff’s Woke Crusade Against Free Speech


In New Zealand’s most woke media (behind RNZ and The spin-off obviously), Stuff argues that there isn’t really a fight for free speech in New Zealand…

Authorization to express oneself freely: is freedom of expression threatened?

The cancellation was both bizarre and totally predictable. Even those that were canceled didn’t seem entirely surprised.

It happened in Auckland on Tuesday. Activist Daphna Whitmore was hoping to present a public lecture at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) on the topic of “feminism, advocacy and free speech”.

Those on campus would have heard Whitmore leading “a discussion of free speech in the context of an often polarizing debate over transgender-critical gender feminism,” according to a Facebook post.

…good to see Stuff following TDB stories, but having the most woke media in New Zealand (behind RNZ and The spin-off obviously) denying that there’s a woke Lynch mob that deplatforms and cancels anything that triggers them, it’s kind of like the Russian version of Seven Sharp cover military casualty rates or get mom bloggers overhauled Dancing with the stars and sex toys.

I mean sure you could have a blogger mom review Dancing with the stars and sex toys, but who in their right mind would read that? It would be like a suburban hellhole of mediocrity endlessly regurgitating into its own mouth.

Why would anyone read this? Why?

TDB recommends

I digress.

Personally, I’m surprised that Stuff hasn’t received death threats against his pets for staging TERFs in a free speech debate.

Journalists have a unique relationship with woke Twitter. If they feed the dogma needs of their readers, they get praise, if they challenge the dogma of their awakened audience, they are distorted and nullified.

It’s like how the Green Party is being held hostage by its woke activists.

I like the shots that were fired.

The article does not note that there was an attempted cancellation by Dr. Bryce Edwards.

The article does not note how Rachel Stewart was cut from MILKED or had her guns taken away.

The article does not note that there was a successful media complaint against the way Listener 7 was treated.

The article is cheered at the end by the letter from academics calling misogyny the last failed throw of the dice in defense of woke dogma, but it could be argued that misogyny is part of a stress response to economic backlash and wider socials and is just as much a sign of the times as ram raids and teenagers.

This article disguises the identity vs. class schism as free speech rather than a reaction for glorious progress, but all Stuff is trying to do here is minimize the damage caused by Lynch’s woke mobs because his audience is a passionate lyncher.

The revival cult and the millions of ideological knife fights it has sparked on a thousand different social fronts will be punished when voters can vote anonymously without fear of social reprisal for their views.

Pure temple politics alienates unless your tribe is doing the alienating.

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