No More Knives Tour Visits Fulwood High School


The No More Knives Tour

As part of the No More Knives tour, The Message Trust and the Solbox artists were hosted at Archbishop Temple Church of England High School on Thursday, November 18.


In partnership with Lancashire Police and local churches, the No More Knives Tour is offered to Lancashire schools.

Its objective is to encourage and empower young people to say no to knife crime.

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The Message Trust is a UK based Christian charity that works with young people around the world.

The session started with a lively performance from Soulbox, Manchester, which plays soul, rap and beatbox.

Students were asked if they had seen the Knife Angel, a 27-foot-tall sculpture made of 100,000 dull knives and blades, which currently sits outside Blackburn Cathedral and brings with it a program of month-long crime awareness and education.

The students then watched a video on the consequences of knife crime, followed by a discussion of the good and bad influences.

The presenters encouraged the students to think about how they can make positive choices. Sammy from Soulbox explained how, as a Christian, her faith and the Bible guide her to make good choices.

Students learned facts about knife crime, opening a discussion about knife crime and its devastating effects.

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After watching a powerful video and learning about the knife law, students were reminded that the session should educate, equip, and empower them to make good choices and choose life over the knife.

The session ended with an upbeat Soulbox performance and a reminder that if students want to talk to anyone about any of the show’s content, they should talk to a trusted adult at school or at their parent / guardian.

Director Catlow said: “We are extremely grateful to the Diocese of Blackburn for taking the initiative and supporting this tour which brings such an important local and national message to our youth.

“I would recommend visiting Blackburn Cathedral to take a look at the Knife Angel sculpture.”

The presentation of the No More Knives tour was presented to all students in the school. The tour will conclude with a concert for young people at Blackburn Cathedral on November 26, where Soulbox will perform.

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