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I managed to complete my 5000 miles at the beginning of October to my great surprise. My total mileage for the year was 6,343 miles which took me 365 hours and I also achieved my fundraising goal for Alzheimer’s research in the UK with £2009 raised.

The hardest thing I found in this challenge was finding the time to adjust to my riding. Having to juggle my business and spend time with my family. The actual driving was a joy and if I had the time I would have been away a lot more.

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Although I returned to road cycling in October 2021, the challenge inspired me to go the extra mile and fundraising also helped.

I’m surprised how my fitness has improved so quickly after not having exercised much since I quit competitive cycling in 1986 at the age of 16 and have started smoking soon after. I would say that I am well and truly addicted again.

Since my last blog I have completed another Sportive, the “Puncheur”, which is 62 miles around the South Downs with 1,320 meters of elevation gain and ends at the top of Ditchling Beacon.

I managed to complete the course in 3 hours 34 minutes, which meant I was 24th out of 250 and had the fourth fastest time in my age group. I was pretty happy with that.

I also had a great time on the Strava segments, especially on the Brighton seafront. At the moment, I’m sixth overall out of 29,835 and co-first in my age bracket. It’s a completely flat section, half a mile long, and I managed a time of 51 seconds with an average speed of 33.4 mph. The KOM time being 49 seconds.

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All of my miles except about 20 were done outdoors, I’m quite happy to ride in the rain and love riding when it’s freezing, but not so much in strong winds. That said, with the weather being so bad right now, I just bought myself a used Elite Direto turbo trainer at a bargain price.

The highlights of my year were the Puncher and the two days I spent riding the Yorkshire Dales, which made me realize what I had missed. I can only imagine what it must be like to ride in the Alps or the Pyrenees, which I hope to do one day.

The other thing I enjoyed was buying all the gear I could never afford when I was racing as a junior, and although I was banned from talking about cycling at home, my wife has been very supportive.

I jokingly said that I was going to aim for 10,000 miles in 2022. His response was; “You’re not single, but you could be!”

I will be doing the CW5000 challenge this year, but I will be riding more productively and hopefully start doing time trials early in the season. First I have to lose the five kilos I gained during the holiday season.

Thank you Cycling Weekly for giving me that extra boost, and to my late dad Raymond White who introduced me to cycling in the first place and thought about it on every ride. This in memory of you.

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