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Prime Minister Narendra Modi met his mother at her residence in Gandhinagar on Saturday as she entered the 100th year of her life and wrote a blog post dedicated to her.

Giving details of his childhood and family, the Prime Minister said his early years and his relationship with his parents shaped his personality. “In my mother’s life story, I see penance, sacrifice and the contribution of Indian matrushakti (women’s power). Whenever I look at my mother and millions of women like her, I find there is nothing unachievable for Indian women,” Modi said in the blog post, which is available in several regional languages. in addition to Hindi and English. “Far beyond every story of deprivation is a mother’s glorious story, far above every struggle is a mother’s firm resolve.”

He called 2022 a special year, as his late father would also have celebrated his centenary this year.

Referring to his mother as a simple yet extraordinary person, the Prime Minister credited his parents for her vision and achievements. “I have no doubt that everything good in my life, and everything good in my character, can be attributed to my parents,” he said.

Their lives have been instructive in helping me instill values ​​and understand the importance of hard work, Modi said.

The Prime Minister offered her sweets, washed her feet and took her blessings. He also gave her a shawl and chatted with her as he sat at her feet, video footage of the meeting released by officials showed.

“If I look back at my parents’ lives, their honesty and self-respect were their greatest qualities. Despite struggling with poverty and the challenges that come with it, my parents never strayed from the path of honesty or compromised their self-respect,” he wrote on the blog. “They had only one mantra to overcome any challenge – hard work, consistent hard work!”

He recalled how his mother, who lost her mother to the Spanish flu, was raised in poverty and deprivation, but overcame the challenges with calm and courage.

“In Vadnagar, our family lived in a small house, which didn’t even have a window, let alone luxuries like a toilet or a bathroom,” Modi wrote. “We used to call this one-room building with mud walls and clay tiles for a roof, a house. All of us, my parents, siblings and I, stayed there.

Intimate details of how the household was run and how her mother worked hard, taking odd jobs to support the family and supplement the family income, are shared in the blog.

This is not the first time the Prime Minister has provided insight into the difficulties his mother faced. In 2015, while attending a town hall meeting at the Facebook campus in San Jose, Modi became emotional as he recalled how his mother had to help support the family by cleaning dishes in nearby homes.

In 2018, while speaking about the government’s Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana program which provides subsidized cooking gas to poor families, Modi said he remembered how his mother had to struggle with smoke while cooking with it. firewood and cow dung.

The blog also summarizes the bond Heeraben Modi shares with the Prime Minister. When he chose to leave home, it was his mother who supported his decision and helped his father to make peace with her. Her father was “discouraged” by her choice to leave home, Modi said.

“Since childhood, I have noticed that the mother not only respects the choices of others but also refrains from imposing her preferences,” he writes. “In my particular case, she respected my decisions, never created obstacles and encouraged me. Since childhood, she could sense that a different state of mind was growing in me.

He credited his mother for inspiring him to get involved in social causes and for nurturing a desire to help the poor. “My mother always inspired me to have a strong resolve and focus on garib kalyan (the welfare of the poor),” he said and recalled how after being appointed Chief Minister of Gujarat, she had told him to “never accept a bribe”. ”

Her absence from public events, her discipline and her self-reliance, even in old age, were captured in the blog. “She continues to assure me that I should not worry about her and lose sight of more important responsibilities,” the prime minister wrote.

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