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The Punjabi Rams were announced as the winners of the Fans for Diversity award at the 2021 Football Supporters Association Awards on Monday evening.

The group, which is an official Derby County Fan Club, won the honor at a prestigious event in London.

They won the accolade impressively ahead of AFC Autism, Apna England, Lady Imps, Love Football Hate Racism and Pride in Football.

The Fans for Diversity Award has focused its attention on showcasing the good work of fan groups that make football more inclusive and welcoming to all communities.

The Punjabi Rams held mental health sessions for their members and fellow supporters during the initial COVID-19 lockdown before embarking on a fundraiser for EFL’s official charity partner MIND.

The group also supported the “Stay Safe” program. To keep fit. Stay connected.’ food bank and launched a free ticket campaign to bring low-income children and families to Pride Park.

The Punjabi Rams also announced earlier this year their increased support for women in Derby County by becoming a shirt sleeve sponsor for the team.

A draw for a 2020/21 season Derby County BBG125 jersey signed by the first team was launched on social media in October.

An incredible £ 2,480 was raised, including £ 1,145 from an anonymous donor, to help the women’s team take the Punjabi Rams’ final donation to £ 3,500.

Who are the Rams of Punjabi?

The Punjabi Rams are a group of supporters who follow the fortunes of the Derby County Football Club.

Derby has a large Punjabi community that initially settled in Normanton on the streets surrounding the baseball field. Some of Punjab’s early immigrants worked at the Leys Foundry which overlooked the baseball field, but initially very few Punjabis attended games as football was seen as a waste of money and families feared trouble on the terraces.

That quickly changed and some of their older members were fortunate enough to witness the winning teams of the 1970s Premier League under the leadership of Brian Clough and Dave Mackay.

The Punjabi Rams now have a core of long-term season ticket holders who also attend away games.

They aim to promote diversity and inclusion in football and one of the ways they do this is to encourage more Punjabis to support their local team and experience the atmosphere of Pride Park Stadium rather than following a team with which they have no geographical link and can only watch on their TV.

Although they are the “Punjabi Rams”, you do not need to be Punjabi to be a member. It is an open group, welcoming all who wish to join them in following Derby County, whether at home or away.

You can learn more about the Punjabi Rams by visiting punjabirams.co.uk.

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