Review: This dog friendly Penwortham cafe is definitely hitting the bark


Bella distracted Yvonne while I shared the crouton

The next place to get a visit from Preston Blog Hurst Grange Coffee House and Cafe in Penwortham is part of our series of reviews for dog friendly establishments.


The cafe is in the refurbished Coach House in Hurst Grange Park and offers a home-cooked menu as well as homemade sausage and dog treats for furry companions. My mom Yvonne and I took my two dogs Archie and Georgie for a sniff.

As it was a Sunday at 2 p.m. the cafe was full, but luckily we had reserved a table. There was a small courtyard which was also full, but we sat in the main room as it was a bit cold that day.

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The menu had some interesting options that made it difficult to make a decision, but in the end we went for the Cuban panini with Mojo pork shoulder, ham, cheese, dill pickle and yellow mustard, and the shoulder flatbread. slow roasted lamb with feta, arugula, tzatziki, hummus and pomegranate. They were both priced at £ 7.95, and we opted to add a small bowl of soup for an additional £ 2.50.

I had heard that the Coach House was expensive and that £ 7.95 for a sandwich seems a bit expensive, but when our food arrived it was obvious the cost was more than justified.

The chewy flatbread was topped with toppings and accompanied by a jar of house coleslaw and a small pile of trimmed leaves. The mix of sweet pomegranate, tangy feta and tangy tzatziki worked wonderfully with lamb, as the Greeks imagined a billion years ago when we in the UK still ate turnips from three ways.

Hurst Grange Coffee House and Cafe Flatbread
Beat a turnip

The panini was a slice of the big apple, packed with topping and flavor with the added bonus of being delivered to my table in a South Ribble cafe, instead of throwing it at my head as I hover anxiously. at the back of a delicatessen. in New York after taking several nudges in the face of gigantic locals due to their terrifying Hunger Games queue system.

Panini Hurst Grange Coffee House and Café
Keep an eye out for pickles

Don’t let the ham, pork, and mild cheese lull you to sleep in a false sense of security, because while you focus on these cozy ingredients, a dill pickle and mustard will spout out of an alley and try to sink your teeth.

Refuse to be intimidated and remember the UK invented piccalilli, which is to its pickle what rugby is to American football. Since their pickle doesn’t force the eater to involuntarily close at least one eye, we win the unnecessary competition I just made up.

Since I wasn’t ready for the piccalilli, the level of pickle and mustard in the panini was just right, complementing the meat rather than disguising it.

The small bowl of French onion soup contained a crouton topped with Parmesan cheese big enough for Rose and Titanic’s Jack to fit in, but there was no doubt Rose would always have got hold of it. My mother Yvonne would have done the same with the crouton but I grabbed the bowl, split the crouton and ate half of the soup while she was distracted by the well-behaved dog belonging to the couple sitting next to us. Good girl, Bella!

Hurst Grange Coffee House and Cafe French Onion Soup
Why did you let Jack die when you could easily have put two people on that door, Rose?

It was one of the best onion soups I have had; the sweetness of the onion marmalade combined with the peppery broth was a perfect combination for sunny but chilly days and made me want to put on a pom pom beanie and watch my beautiful red Setter playing among the falling autumn leaves gently in the park.

I didn’t do any of that of course because I don’t have a handsome Red Setter, I have two howling Chihuahuas who’d rather go head-to-head over who can find the biggest stink to ride, and he doesn’t. There was only one piece of chocolate cake left and I needed it. It turned out to be a decent sized slice of light sponge cake with a slight chocolatey taste, which was nice with fresh coffee.

The highlight of our afternoon was the imaginative home-cooked tasty cuisine combined with the beautiful surroundings, polite and professional staff and a room full of happy dogs and owners. Hurst Grange Coffee House and Cafe is a great example of what a well-run independent hospitality can offer, and we will definitely be returning.

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