Rock Star Tacos partners with The Factory


  • Could there be a more perfect food vendor for the factory than Chef Will Pelly?

In just four short months of activity, Chesterfield’s world class room, The Factory, has already hosted its fair share of music heavyweights. Now he’s about to welcome a different kind of rock star. The place will soon serve food from Rock Star Tacos (several locations including 4916 Shaw Avenue) thanks to a new partnership with chef Wil Pelly and his partner, Rebecca Schaaf.

Pelly confirmed the deal yesterday afternoon, explaining that he has been in talks with The Factory about possible food opportunities since it opened last July. There, at an event with friends and family, he and Schaaf chatted with some of those involved in the venue’s operations, who explained to them that they were looking to provide food for hungry spectators, but didn’t had not yet found the right person. The arrangement grew from there.

For Pelly and Schaaf, the partnership with The Factory is natural. Since the opening of Rock Star Taco Shack in New Town in 2019, the music-inspired brand has hosted several acts that have taken place near the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. For Pelly, who is also a leading musician, the chance to marry his two passions was one he eagerly embraced, and he positioned Rock Star Tacos as a natural fit for hungry musicians.

At the Factory, however, the general public will be able to feast on its delicious wares. As Pelly explains, the setup will be more like a large catering concert; he and his team will drop off tacos before a performance, and The Factory will then sell them at one of its concession stands. Site employees will run the stand and tacos will be available on a first come, first served basis.

For starters, Pelly and Schaaf will be offering three different varieties of Rock Star tacos: the “Jumping Jack Fruit Flash”, which is a vegetarian option with jack fruits cooked in green chili peppers, the “Number of the Beef”, which includes beef. chopped, shredded lettuce and “fancy sauce” and “Thunder Cluck”, made with chipotle and maple pulled chicken. While the pair hope to add to the deals down the road, they want to slow things down to see how things go.

Rock Star Tacos, which just opened a brand new location on the Hill last week, will launch at The Factory on December 2, making its debut at the Old Dominion Lounge. For Pelly, it’s a bit funny to think that what started as a fun idea between him and his whiskey and tequila bandmate has turned into a real food phenomenon with an outpost in Chesterfield. .

“It’s pretty exciting to be in a place where I never thought we would be,” Pelly says. “I never thought I’d have a little satellite in Chesterfield. It’s pretty crazy, but rock and roll and tacos, man …”

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