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As you can see by the title I so dearly considered choosing (a hint of humor!), This month I savored in the deep memories of my mind that I believe I’m going crazy. Now the only reason this can happen is simply the lack of new and empowering experiences, which I have been feeling for quite some time now (so, 5 years?). I wish I had known who was to blame here, who is just me. I find myself liking the idea of ​​staying home and being “anti-social” more than having to suck for 5 hours with someone I just don’t “vibrate” with. And it happens, guys.

I meet new people on a daily basis, but usually not on my own accord. It’s either at work or because I have a class with someone, but usually I meet people who just don’t fulfill me or satisfy my personality type. Excuse me if that sounds a little extreme, but it has been TORTURE to find people who I really love to be with. As pathetic as it sounds, I had friends that I looked forward to seeing every day, so a wave of nostalgia washed over me. Although the purpose of the meeting has always been in school, and if you think about it, I have no choice but to attend (it won’t be a rant against education, I will. promise), so that got me thinking for a while. All the groups and “loads” of amigas that I used to be usually just because we saw each other at school every day, which, in hindsight, doesn’t exactly mean it is. the recipe for a fruitful and successful relationship. All we did was mostly talk about school, bad teachers and gossip, and that’s it …

Let me refer to my psychology book, which mentions that most of the time humans make mistakes recalling distant memories and believing they were more loving than they were before. Get my drift? From this perspective, the argument is no longer so pastiche, since I am almost sure that I have never been satisfied (disqualifying my teenage days, since I cannot compare) with people with whom I was ” close “. And it’s funny because a lot of people often look at old photos of themselves (baby photos and the like) and notice “I wish I could go back”. Yeah, but how are you so aware that you were happy? My parents acknowledged this about me, which prompted me to discuss it.

Note: this rant sounds a lot more negative than it should be, I don’t mean to sound passive-aggressive or anything like that. I blog this, so whenever I think back to how I felt during my early years in college, I hope I can challenge it when I’m finally with people I admire and hang out with. So, I will end with this warning to be taken lightly. Don’t be ashamed that you may or may not have found your place in life’s puzzle, the best things happen when you least expect them. Let’s just pray that I keep that in my mind too.

I must not forget to commemorate the life and talent of Mr. Sondheim. Thank you sir!

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