Thanksgiving Hoopfest Live Blog: Duncanville Borders Sierra Canyon


Ron Holland (Photo: Brandon Jenkins, 247Sports)

The momentum Duncanville built up for most of the night was cut short in the fourth quarter as Chatsworth (Calif.) Sierra Canyon made a furious comeback to score just four points in the closing minutes of the game. However, timely free throws from the junior prospects Ron Holland and Aric Demings are what ultimately sealed the deal.

Continuing their first half of production, Kijani wright and Mike Price were the two catalysts for the return of the Sierra Canyon storm.

Wright continued to use his insane Hulk-built frame to carve out space and corral bounces. He finished with 15 boards and 22 points, many of which came from back sticks through heavy traffic.

Price did his damage in another way that was more exciting for the flash-seeking crowd. His speed just wasn’t fair as there was no prospect from Duncanville who could stay ahead of him. He logged in on timely pull-up jumpers and gave everything to give his team a fighting chance.

On the Duncanville side, Antoine Noir struggled to get him started in the second half, but Holland, Demings and Davion Sykes were at his side to close the victory.

There is not much to say that cannot be mentioned already about Holland. He can now keep an honest defense with his shooting touch. Add to that its engine and you have a prospect that can rise into serious ranking territory. Arkansas, Houston, Memphis, Oregon, and UCLA are actively involved, and blueblood programs such as Duke and Kentucky are keeping an eye out.

Demings isn’t a household name on the recruiting scene, but he should be by next year. He’s a reliable shooter who can wield the ball and compete on defense. The 6-foot-1 goalie is experienced and ready to play at the highest levels of competition and it showed tonight.

Last but not least, Sykes showed why I had Texas State as a good sneaky recruiting class in 2022. He found solace with his pulling game inside the paint, used his long frame in the lanes of. overtaking and was in the right place at the right time for the athletic transition finishes. He also has ball skills and a natural feel to the game that will only continue to develop over time. The Bobcat signer finished with 16 points, four rebounds and an impressive eight assists. His national rating was sure to rise after a tremendous performance emerging on the big stage.


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