We dream if we think Covid is over

I think we suffer from a collective delusion if we believe Covid is over.

There are a number of issues that are still ticking time bombs waiting to explode that go beyond the mandates that we all gnaw at like a hungry dog ​​trying to bite through its leash.

The government will today signal which of the mandates are being relaxed while trying to reassure the cultural hypochondria of Covid.

On one side are people struggling with the economic ramifications of the last 2 years, while on the other side are people who have had a 24/7 media environment where a virus is marching which psychologically terrified them.

Neither side will be satisfied with Labour’s solutions.

Beyond the immediacy of the mandates, there are so many issues that mutate as quickly as the virus itself – INCLUDING virus mutation!

ECONOMIC CRISIS IN CHINA: China’s continued zero tolerance towards Covid infection continues to shut down ports and supply chains, causing immense bottlenecks that cause intense economic pain. This is going to be felt by New Zealand especially because we are so economically dependent on China. If the Chinese economy shrinks, so does ours.

COVID MUT INTO SOMETHING MUCH WORSE: To date, the virus has been able to put all of its evolutionary energy into mutating to be as spread as possible because we haven’t had any immunity to a new virus, but as vaccination rates and people who catch it increase, the virus begins to expend more evolutionary power on circumventing our immunity. This could lead to a new pandemic with higher death rates. With 80% of the planet unvaccinated, this is a huge reservoir for Covid to mutate.

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PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE: We are not even close to understanding the true magnitude of a single universal event that caused intense social dislocation. From the radicalization of the Qanon conspiracy to basic depression and isolation, we will see domestic violence soar, violent crime increase and people lock themselves in their homes, which will in turn impact the hospitality and retail. Think of the psychological damage as radioactive fallout that will taint our culture for decades.

FLARE UPS: We just assume that the current Covid rate will remain static when it can easily explode and overtake our hospital system anytime we let our guard down.

I think masks, social distancing and a culture of social hesitation will become the norm for the rest of 2022, combined with psychological fallout and economic damage.

And that’s the best case scenario.

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