Why we need more street preachers


“Invite your Lord to the way with wisdom and good instruction, and discuss with them in the best way. Indeed, your Lord is most aware of who has strayed from his path, and he is most aware of who is [rightly] guided. “- (Quran 16: 125)

THE COLLAPSE OF MORALS AROUND THE WORLD is a harsh reality and proof that despite technological and scientific growth, young people are degrading and society is corrupt beyond belief. When we analyze crime, violence, drugs, corruption and disease of all kinds, we see that they are due to lack of morality and lack of theological understanding.

Economic collapses are precipitated by moral decay – and that’s when we need more street preachers because financial depression is causing crime of all types to increase. How can street preachers cope with the crimes caused by economic depression and the moral decay that leads to business depression in the first place?

Preachers call for morals, positive thinking, precise thinking, and true beliefs that can make things good and easy for people during an economic calamity. In addition, they prevent crime by teaching those at risk of crime to choose a better path. Of course, not all will listen, but some might and the less choose crime and immorality, the better for everyone.

When the economy collapses, people find themselves unemployed. As a result, the number of stressed individuals, families and communities increases as financial problems become rampant. There are more people who are unable to pay their bills, provide for themselves and their families, etc. This, together with an increase in crime, creates social stress.

What street preachers do is reduce stress by pointing out the potential for good times to come and reduce the risk of crime and immorality by convincing people not to do questionable deeds.

And preachers can reduce unemployment by dealing with something positive instead of becoming part of the problem. When we encourage the unemployed to become street preachers, we reduce waste in society by occupying people with useful activities.

What skills are developed by street preaching?

Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are perfected to perfection in a rigorous street preaching ministry.

And the art of debate and argument, which is a skill highly regarded on college campuses, is perfected by decades of daily preaching activity.

Are there any famous and successful people who started out by preaching in the streets?

I will say at least a few that I know.

Paul Williams, a street preacher turned successful YouTuber with tens of millions of views and over 100,000 subscribers is testament to the power of this business. His Blogging Theology website has excellent articles written by many preachers of reasonable quality. And now he regularly meets and greets the highest scholarship levels like Bart Ehrman, Anthony Buzzard etc.

Mohammad Hijab is a street preacher but has now become a successful writer, philosopher and theologian. He started out with street preaching, all he had were street stalls in malls etc. when he started he didn’t even know you weren’t supposed to fight physically as part of the preaching mission! He was so low on the ladder of success! And now he’s a millionaire, with millions of followers and college degrees! It all started with municipal estates, alleyways ravaged by crime and hard-core preaching on Hanbali Street!

Ali Dawah was a taxi driver who became interested in street politics, eventually quitting his job and preaching full time. Today, he has over six hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and over one hundred and twenty-five million views!

Hamza Tzortzis is a well-known writer and philosopher who began to debate atheists about the existence of God. It is a form of street preaching because you can see from the videos that he is on the streets preaching his understanding of the faith of Islam.

Daniel Haqiqatjou is a well-known writer and debater, graduating from Harvard in Physics with a Masters in Philosophy from Tufts University. He started out as an aggressive street preacher in Texas. One of the reasons he started preaching was chronic low self-esteem, long-term unemployment, and social exclusion. Can you see how this bullied immigrant boy became a legendary social media star and graduate right after he preached properly on the streets?

Steven Anderson started out with nothing more than a penny in his pocket and a Bible in his hands which he borrowed from his friends. He began to memorize the Bible and finished it by the time he was ready for the streets. To this day, he has no formal qualifications but only his experience in street preaching and Bible skills. Guess what? He is a millionaire with millions of followers and has been featured in dozens of leading media publications.

Dr James White is a respected theologian in the United States of America today, but he was not always so famous. He started out as an unemployed street preacher who barely understood the Bible! Despite his lack of education, he was determined to become a street preacher. On the street, he developed discipline, reading skills, debate skills, analytical skills and theological knowledge. And now he’s the author of bestselling books like The Forgotten Trinity.

Dr Zakir Naik started preaching during his college days, but eventually took to the streets, becoming well known to the police for his aggressive evangelism. Before we knew it, he was debating famous people, writing bestselling books, and leading international news for his preaching. In fact his book, The Koran and Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible? changed my life.

Dr Nabeel Qureshi would not have been known to anyone and would not have achieved fame and money if he had not started researching religion and preaching his understanding of the truth. His many debates and bestselling books such as No God But One made him rich and successful. Despite my disagreements with his theology and his religion, I know that his preaching, his research and his debates on theology made him the man he has become!

To all those who are heartbroken and those short on money and even more spirit, seriously start considering a career as a street preacher!

Personally, I have adopted the identity and the psychology of the street preacher!

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